Orange Can 2012 : Amendments of fixtures to accommodate Togo’s reinstatement
  • Following the decision of CAF Executive committee to lift the suspension of Togo from the 28th edition of the CAN, it was therefore decided to reintegrate Togo in the competition.
  • Seeing as the preliminary round of the ACN 2012 groups 44 countries divided into eleven groups of four, the only possible alternative is to raise the number of teams in one group from four to five teams.
  • For a group of 5 , For a group comprising of 5 teams, the number of dates needed for the organization of the matches will be raised to 10 dates instead of 6 as is the case for the groups of 4. We therefore needed to find four supplementary dates.
  • The dates that would be retained will be the following:
July 1st 2010
July 9th 2010
August 11th 2010
November 17th 2010
  • For evident reasons in connection with the fixtures, a drawing of lots will be done amongst groups A, C, F, J and K to determine the group in which Togo will be prevail.
  • Once the group is determined a drawing of lots will be established to confirm the order of the matches of the group concerned.
  •  The new group of five having been constituted will qualify the first two directly to the final tournament of the ACN 2012
  • The following teams will be qualified to the final tournament of the CAN 2012
-           the 11 winners of each group
-           the second in the group to which Togo prevails
-           the two best runners up of the remaining 10 groups of 4
  • In case a group of four is reduced to three teams during the competition, the two best runners up of the groups of four will be determined by taking into account their results with the first and third of their respective groups without taking into account their results against the last team of their groups in order to allow the second of the group reduced to three teams to remain in the race for the two best second.
  • In case the group of Togo is reduced to four teams throughout the competition only the winner of the group will automatically be qualified to the ACN . The second must compete in the best three runners up of the group.
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