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We will do everything to impose our game John Obuh, coach Flying Eagles of Nigeria
What is your plan for the clash with Mali ?
Like I told you the last time, our major objective was to qualify for the World Championship. We have accomplished this feat and our ambition now is to lift the trophy. We now have to eliminate Mali and move on to the finals. Mali is a very technical side. We have seen them play and will do everything to impose our game. 
Will Ahmed Moussa finally join the team ?
There is no problem concerning him. We have been in communication with him and we cannot say that he will be there. We have been talking to him to see whether he will be set. I think he will be able to confirm whether or not he will be present on Wednesday. 
We have also noticed that Malian players are very tall. Will it not be disadvantageous for you to play aerial balls ?
That is not an issue. The best player in the World is not very tall.To play football does not mean you have to be tall and I really do not bother about that.. 
You lined up a different team against Gambia compared to the one that played Cameroon. Will you stick with the same team ?
I will play only the team that I think will bring me good results.
Are you really confident ?
I do not under pressure to win or loss. I am only very focused on winning the game. 
Do you have all your players available ?
There are a few worries but they are minor. I am very sure everyone will be set for the game.
Did you have any apprehensions after your defeat by Cameroon ?
We won the first encounter and we need to give thanks to God. But losing against Cameroon was not easy. There are always three possibilities when you play a match. You either win , lose or you play a draw. The defeat by Cameroon was good because it served as a wake up call against Gambia. After our victory in the final group game serenity has returned to the side. 
What can you say concerning the other semi final between Egypt and Cameroon ?
I would not like to comment on that. I am only focused on my game.
If you qualify for the finals which team will you like to meet ?
All teams that reach the finals must be respected. I am ready to meet which ever team. We shall see between now and Sunday.
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