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Sunshine stars begins group stage on a winning note
Sunshine Stars of Nigeria defeated visiting DCMP of Congo 2-0 on Saturday in day one of the Orange Confederation Cup group stage. Sunshine, DCMP, MAS and JSK are in group B of this competition.
Both teams where cautious from the beginning as they were busy studying each other. However action came into the game in the 9th minute when the host team threatened the visitors goalkeeper with a short but he was smart enough to stop the ball. The player with jersey number 17 of DCMP Congo was always threatening the host defence with his sleeky move but the defence of Sunshine led by their experienced captain Aboabona was there to put him to check.
Sunshine stars attack led by Akombo and Ajani kept on threatening the visitors defence but could not penetrate until the two sides went into recess on a barren score.
The second half resumed with Sunshine stars showing more eagerness to score. Olorundare came in for Atanda and that substitution added bite to the attack of sunshine stars.In the 60th minute,sunshine stars player Ojo opened score with a powerful shot from 25 yards of which the visitors goalkeeper had no solution to.The goal opened up the game as the visitors began to push forward searching for the equaliser but good goalkeeping of Ocheje Sunday of Sunshine ensured that the scoreline remained at 1-0.Akombo of sunshine almost made it two in the 69th minute but missed the goal narrowly.
In the 74th minute of the encounter,Ajani ibrahim of sunshine made it two with a header from close range due to defensive blunder by Dcmp of Congo.The visitors tried to reduce the tally but for the good goalkeeping of sunshine goakeeper.The visitors made a change and their top striker beat the offside tactice of the host but the timely clearace of sunshine keeper saved the situation.The game ended 2-0 in favour of sunshine stars.
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