Results of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Preliminary Draw

Results of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Preliminary Draw
25 July 2015 06:13

African Zone qualifying draw for 2018 World Cup made in St Petersburg on Saturday (five African sides qualify for finals in Russia):


1st round (October 2015)

The 26 lowest-ranked African sides in FIFA rankings play each other in two-legged ties:


   Somalia v Niger

   South Sudan v Mauritania

   Gambia v Namibia

   Sao Tome and Principe v Ethiopia

   Chad v Sierra Leone

   Comoros v Lesotho

   Djibouti v Swaziland

   Eritrea v Botswana

   Seychelles v Burundi

   Liberia v Guinea Bissau

   Central African Republic v Madagascar

   Mauritius v Kenya

   Tanzania v Malawi


2nd round (November 2015)

The 13 winners from the first round and the 27 other countries compete in two-leg ties with winners progressing to a group stage:


   Somalia or Niger v Cameroon

   South Sudan or Mauritania v Tunisia

   Gambia or Namibia v Guinea

   Sao Tome and Principe or Ethiopia v  Congo

   Chad or Sierra Leone v Egypt

   Comoros or Lesotho v Ghana

   Djibouti or Swaziland v Nigeria

   Eritrea or Botswana v Mali

   Seychelles or Burundi v Democratic Republic of Congo

   Liberia or Guinea Bissau v Cote d’Ivoire

   Central Africa Republic or Madagascar v Senegal

   Mauritius or Kenya v Cape Verde

   Tanzania or Malawi v Algeria

   Sudan v Zambia

   Libya v Rwanda

   Morocco v Equatorial Guinea

   Mozambique v Gabon

   Benin v Burkina Faso

   Togo v Uganda

   Angola v South Africa


  3rd round (October 2016 to Novembre 2017)

The 20 winners from the seocnd round knockout matches will be drawn in five groups of four (to be made at the end of the 2nd round). The group winners will qualify for the 2018 World Cup.


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