AFCON U17 - Pre-match quotes for Cameroon vs Guinea

AFCON U17 - Pre-match quotes for Cameroon vs Guinea
14 April 2019 06:58

Guinea play Cameroon tomorrow at Chamazi Stadium with both coaches describing the game as ‘crucial’ starting point for the tournament.


Cameroon Coach, Thomas Libiih said; “We are very happy with the hospitality here. We have a good team and what we just need is motivation to play and qualify for the world cup.”

“Every match is important, we will give all we have in order to win. We are prepared to face Guinea with all their strengths and weaknesses. We will focus on our team and handle each match with different approach.”


On the other hand, Guinea coach, Camara Mohammed unveils that they have a good team for the tournament and ready for Cameroon opener tomorrow. “We are looking forward for a good and great game against Cameroon. This is a crucial game for us and we will play well to win.”


He added; “Cameroon is a big team. We will play with cautions on the first 15th minutes and then we can know how they play and change our techniques and tactics to adapt to the game.”


Mohammed insists that despite playing similar football to Cameroon, they will capitalize on their strengths to beat them. “We knows that technically they are good, but we are physically stronger and we can use that to get positive results.”

Cameroon captain, Ndzie Mezama said: “We are in good mood for the game. We are well prepared, we speak one language as players and knows what is the best for us.”

“What we can say is that the battle starts tomorrow when we play Guinea. We will play well to win. The weather here is cood and we are used for it now.”

Meanwhile, Guinea skipper, Bah Algassime said; “We will try to play as the coach instruct and train us. We believe that we are a good team and we are confident that we can play well.”

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