CAF CC - Sfaxien victorious at home and through to the semis

CAF CC - Sfaxien victorious at home and through to the semis
15 April 2019 11:09

CS Sfaxien beat Nkana 2-0 in Sfax, Tunisia, on Sunday for a spot a the semi-finals of the Confederation Cup.

Firas Chaouat and Ala Marzougui were the men behind both goals for the hosts.

Nkani were confident after having won the first leg at home 2-1. Sfax on the other hand needed a clean victory to sail through.

The hosts were determined to give their fans a run for their money, getting a head start at just 7 minutes into the game. Habib Ouslati takes the corner and Firas Chaouat finishes it off with a header that landed at the back of Nkana’s net.

The early goal caught Nkana off-guard who struggled to recover later. It took them 20 minutes to respond with a wide shot from Duncan Otieno. Hassan Ramadhan wasn’t ny luckier moments later as he missed his chance at scoring head to head.

Before the half-time whistle, Duncan Otieno infiltrates Sfax’s safe are but Hamza Mathlouthi was quick to swiftly tackle the ball out of his feet.

The one goal lead was in favour of the hosts but Sfaxien knew that it was risky to settle for such short margin.

2 minutes past the hour mark, Firas Chaouat tried to recreate his first goal but this time his aim was off.

After a quick drop ball, Ronald Kampamba found himself alone in Sfax’s box but Aymen Dahmen shows off his potential and deflects the shot into a corner.

3 minutes before time, Nkana nearly flushed down Sfax’s hopes and expectations. Kelvin Kampamba crosses the ball to Ronald Kampamba who goes for the header. Aymen Dahmen flicks the ball which ends up hitting the woodwork before landing down for the defenders to clear any potential threat.

With Nkana tightening their grip, Sfax had to fend them off which is exactly what they did.

At the killer time, Firas Chaouat penetrated Nkana’s defences and passed the ball to Ala Marzougui who lands it home for the 2nd and final goal of the game that would send Sfaxien through to the semi finals.


Ruud Krol (Head Coach, CS Sfaxien)

I don’t think it was a great game for us today. The fast pace of matches has taken its toll on the team and players. We are a good spot now, 2nd in the league and at the Confederation Cup semi final. I am very happy with this qualification and hopefully we will be fully prepared for the semi final”

Firas Chaouat (Attacker, CS Sfaxien)

It was a difficult game but we figured out how to manage it well and that’s what matters. I am working on improving myself daily and our good performance is a result of team effort.”

Beston Chambeshi (Head Coach, Nkana FC)

I thank my players who gave a great game today and fought hard. The way i saw today’s game, the best team has lost. I wish Sfaxien the best in the semi finals.”

Ronald Kampamba (Attacker, Nkana FC)

We played our best game and we have to keep looking forward. The referee said our goal was out even though i believe it was in. Sfax scored early, that was a decisive factor today. I wish them all the best.”

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