1. The General Assembly shall be the supreme authority of CAF and shall define the general policy and implementation of the relevant decisions.
2. General Assembly Meetings may be defined as Ordinary or Extraordinary.
3. The General Assembly shall be comprised of:
· Representatives of the affiliated national associations;
· Members of the CAF Executive Committee;
· Honorary Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Members;
· Delegates from the zonal unions;

4. An Ordinary General Assembly Meeting shall be held once a year, without fail.
5. The Executive Committee shall determine the date, time and place of the General Assembly Meeting. Such information shall be communicated to members in writing at least one hundred and twenty (120) days before the date of the General Assembly.
6. The formal notification, which shall also contain the agenda of the General Assembly, shall be despatched in writing at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the meeting.
7. All documents related to the General Assembly shall be dispatched to members at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting.

The agenda shall include the following items:
(a) Roll call;
(b) Verification that the notification and composition of the General Assembly comply with the
provisions of the Statutes;
(c) An address by the President;
(d) The designation of three (3) members to check the official minutes;
(e) The designation of scrutineers;
(f) The suspension or expulsion of a member, where appropriate;
(g) The approval of the minutes of the previous General Assembly Meeting;
(h) The activity report covering the period since the previous General Assembly Meeting;
(i) The zonal unions’ activity reports;
(j) The presentation of the audited statement of accounts;
(k) The report of the Audit Committee;
(l) The approval of the annual revised accounts and budget;
(m) The appointment of auditors, as appropriate;
(n) The admission and/or resignation of Members, as appropriate;
(o) The consideration of proposals for amendments to the CAF Statutes, and to the regulations governing the application of Statutes, as well as to the CAF General Assembly’s Rules of Procedures;
(p) Discussion of proposals received from National Associations and Executive Committee, provided these were submitted in conformity with Para. 7 of this Article, as appropriate;
(q) Matters tabled in conformity with Para. 8 of this Article;
(r) The election of the President of CAF, as appropriate;
(s) The election of CAF Executive Committee members, as appropriate;
(t) The election of the African representatives to the FIFA Council, as appropriate;
u) The election of the President and Vice-President of CAF’s Audit and Compliance committee as appropriate;
v) The election of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of CAF’s legal bodies, as appropriate;
(w) Other reports;
(x) Any Other Business.
8. National Associations wishing to submit an item for inclusion on the agenda of the General Assembly shall submit such proposal to the CAF Secretariat in writing at least ninety (90) days before the date of the meeting. Such proposal shall be accompanied by a concise explanation of the reasons for the proposal.
9. Matters submitted after the above deadline may be included under item (x) Any Other Business, provided that two-thirds of the associations represented at the General Assembly so agree.
10. Each National Association shall be entitled to a single vote.
11. The Executive Committee may convene an Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting.
12. An Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting shall be convened by the Executive Committee within sixty (60) days of CAF’s receipt of a written request from at least half of the members plus one. Only the items on the agenda shall be discussed at such a meeting.
13. Members shall be notified of the Agenda, forty-five (45) days before the date of an Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting, such notice to include the date, and venue of the meeting.
14. The Agenda of a General Assembly may not be amended.
15. The quorum for all meetings shall consist of two-thirds of the National associations members affiliated to CAF for the deliberations to be valid.
16. If the requirement for a quorum is not met at the General Assembly, the meeting shall be reconvened after a period of twenty-four (24) hours. At such reconvened meeting, the presence of half of the members plus one shall constitute its quorum.
17. Official delegates to the General Assembly must be “Bona Fide” members of the National Association they represent. They must be appointed by the relevant body, and must be citizens of the concerned country.
18. Decisions shall be taken by simple majority unless indicated otherwise. However, and only in the event of a tie in votes, the President of the Confederation votes.
19. The Rules of Procedure of the CAF General Assembly shall apply to all procedural matters during the proceedings of the General Assembly.