The mission of the Hall of Fame is to honor members of the African Football Family and of CAF who have contributed significantly to the development and success of African Football. 


The CAF Hall of Fame is aimed at celebrating African football – recognizing, celebrating, acknowledging and honoring for posterity, achievements of those members of the African Football Family and of the CAF family who have made a positive impact and contribution to the growth and development of African football from 1957 till this day, and have helped to bring recognition, honor, distinction, and excellence to CAF and African Football. 
Inductees can be players, coaches, referees, administrators, media representatives, and other persons who have fought for African football. 

Bodies to run the Hall of Fame: 

1/ Hall of Fame Sub-Committee: Selected by the CAF Executive Committee, it will select individuals based on specific criteria and suggest them to the EXCO. 
The above would comprise select journalists and other persons involved in football in Africa. This will be a think-tank of persons who will come up with suggested names of persons worthy of a place in the Hall of Fame; together with specific procedures. 
2/ CAF Executive Committee: the Committee will make the final decision as to the choice of candidates, with the possibility as well to propose candidates as well. 
3/ CAF General Assembly: once candidates are submitted and approved by EXCO, those will not be submitted to the GA for ratification, but simply for information. 
4/ CAF General Secretariat: offers all required administrative support Launch date: March 10th 2013 in Marrakech 

First persons suggested to be inducted:  

1/ CAF President Issa Hayatou for his tremendous and unrivalled contribution to African football 
2/ FIFA President Sepp Blatter for the same, inclusive of awarding the World Cup to Africa 


What to present to the inducted persons?  

We will call the persons being inducted to the stage to be given their Hall of Fame membership. The membership will be symbolised by: 
a) A blazer (jacket), green colour, with “CAF Hall of Fame – Member” embroidered on the left breast area in gold; 
b) Presenting the member with a solid all-crystal glass table-top trophy, with his name and “CAF Hall of Fame – Member” inscribed on the glass surface; 
c) A summary to be read at the GA, highlighting the achievements of the individual and areas where we feel he earned his Hall of Fame membership. 
Hall of Fame website and Social media The CAF Hall of Fame website, which sets out the objectives for establishing a Hall of Fame, 
will be linked to the CAF website, but also will be the base page for the virtual Hall of Fame terminal that we will be planning to install in the CAF Secretariat in Egypt. 
The website,, will contain the project’s history and details. It will set out ways through which the project managers can be contacted. 
The website will also contain, over time, links to the bio data of each and every nominated member of the Hall of Fame, giving a brief profile of the life and worthiness of such individual for Hall of Fame status. 
Target: to have the website all running and live by 10 March 2013 – the same time as the induction of the 2 members.