streetfootballworld is the world’s leading network in the field of social change through football. We connect more than 100 organisations from over 60 countries that use football to engage young people, teach them important life skills and create opportunities for a better future. We believe that the principles and values inherent in football can teach young people about fair play, tolerance, inclusion and respect, equipping them with the confidence and knowledge needed to become young role models in their communities.


streetfootballworld’s African network consists of 43 organisations that address a range of social issues, from HIV to malaria, education to employability. All of them use football as a catalyst for change.


streetfootballworld is also the coordinating partner for FIFA’s 2010 World Cup social legacy programme in Africa, the Football for Hope Centres project, a key element in FIFA’s overall CSR strategy. The project has seen the design and build of 20 community centres for health and education across Africa, each with its own football pitch. Together, FIFA and streetfootballworld have ensured that a total of 18 grassroots football organisations will have a sustainable space to run their programmes for years to come. View more here.


The development of integrated and collaborative infrastructure projects promoting “safe spaces” for youth to meet, play and learn (as per the above 20 Centres Project) has become integral in streetfootballworld’s strategy and overall set of core skills and expertise.


streetfootballworld has years of expertise in developing long-term strategic plans for the inclusive use of football as a tool for social development. Through its network members, streetfootballworld has the ability to put these strategic plans into action in the communities that are most in need.


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streetfootballworld signs Memorandum of Understanding with Confederation of African Football


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