Official name: Republic of Cameroon
Capital: Yaoundé 
Boundary: Nigeria to the west, Chad to the north, Central African Republic to the east, Gabon and Equatorial to the south
Climate: Humid tropical
Official languages: French, English
Largest city: Yaoundé and Douala
Area: Total 475,442 km  -  Water(%) 0.57
Population: 2015 estimate (23 739 2181)
Currency: Central African CFA franc(XAF)
Time zone: WAT (UTC+1)
International dialing code: +237
Internet TLD: .cm

Host cities:
It is a coastal town that opens up to the Atlantic Ocean, with beautiful beaches and view of the coast of Malabo island in Equatorial Guinea.
Yaoundé:  It is the city of the seven (7) hills, with the waterfalls of the Mfoundi and St. Anastasie wood.  
Distances between cities:   Yaoundé – Limbe: 355 km
Yaounde – Douala: 275 km
Douala – Limbe: 80 km