The CAF Confederation Cup was birth from a twinning of the Cup Winners Cup created in 1975 and the CAF Cup launched in 1992. The Confederation Cup was started in 2004 and brings together the winners of the national cups of member associations and teams that ended up in 3rd positions in the championships of the 12 countries.

CAF allows the 12 countries to bring in two clubs, of which on is the winner of the national cup and the third in the final classification of the national championship. The 12 countries are chosen following an annual classification defined by CAF.

The first stage of the competition is a direct eliminations phase, which is played in rounds of home and away leg matches. The winners of the last round of this phase clash with the losers of the last round of the CAF Champions League in order to screen the eight teams that for the pools stage.

The eight teams that qualify for the pools phase are grouped up into two pools of four and they clash against each other in each pool in home and away leg matches. The first two teams from each pool qualify for cross semi-finals (1st A vs 2nd B and 1st B vs 2nd A), which will lead to two finalists competing for the trophy.