The U-20 Africa Championship

The U-20 African Championship is one of the age category competitions organised by CAF. It is meant for players under 20 years old by the date of the actual edition of the championship.

The entire first edition, played in 1979 under the appellation Tessema Cup, was already being used at that time as a qualification tournament World Cup of the category. Until 1989, it was played as a direct elimination tournament in away and return leg matches. In 1991, CAF introduced a qualification and a final phases that we played in a host country by 8 teams. The teams are grouped into two pools of 4 through draws and the teams confront each other within each pool.

The first two from each pool qualify for the U-20 World Cup and cross semi-finals (1st A vs 2nd B and 1st B vs 2nd A) to pick out finalists.