CAF Confederation Cup:
CAF Confederation Cup, a merger of CAF Winners’ Cup and CAF Cup, was introduced in 2004 and contested for by the national Cup winners of member national associations. Before the merger, CAF Winners’ Cup was introduced in 1975 and the CAF Cup in 1992.
CAF allows 12 of the participating countries to present two clubs, which are the National Cup winner and third in their respective national leagues. The 12 countries are determined yearly according to a ranking system devised by CAF.
The first part of the competition which is divided into rounds is a knockout stage played on home and away basis. Winners of the last round of this part play against the losers of CAF Champions League last round to determine the group stage teams.
The group stage is composed of 8 teams divided into 2 groups of 4 and played against each other in a round-robin home and away system.  
The top two from each group qualify for the semifinals before the final to win a trophy and prize money.