CAN (African Cup of Nations):

Arguably one of the oldest and as well as one of the most followed football tournaments in the world, the African Cup of Nations is held every two years and the number of teams participating in the final tournament has continually increased and reached 16 for the first time in 1998.


It was first organized in 1957 with the participating of 4 countries. They are Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa who were later disqualified due to apartheid.


In 1962, the road to the final was divided into stages: the qualifying tournament and the final tournament. The qualifying tournament is a knockout system played on home and away basis. The winners of the last stage of it qualify to play in the final tournament.


In 1992, a mix of knockout and round-robin system was introduced in the qualifying tournament.


In 1998, the number of participating teams in the final tournament was increased from 8 to 16. It has been 8 teams since 1968.


The 16 teams in the final tournament are divided into 4 groups of four teams. The top two in each group play in the quarter finals.   The four teams which emerge from the quarter finals compete in the semi finals before the final match to determine the champion.