To implement effectively the Contract with Africa program, the Confederation introduced as well the CAF Education Officers Network (CEON), with the aim of financing one employee in each Member Association with the relevant experience to act as a key liaison manager and information coordinator for all matters related to Football development, including but not limited to coaching, refereeing, administration and medical matters.

To reach this goal, two means are essentially employed:

1. Firstly, a CAF Education Officer is nominated by each respective National Association and confirmed by CAF using strict criteria of selection.

2. Second, CAF provides technical means to each Education Officer by financing subventions of 3000 USD once for the purchase of training equipments such as laptops, LCD beamers, overhead projectors, CD’s and DVD’s etc…

The CAF Education Officer is therefore an employee of the National Association subsidized by CAF. His or her main duties are:

• To be aware of every single development project and activities taking place at the national and sub-regional levels in his country and report them back to CAF following due authorization from his or her own superiors.

• To coordinate and be responsible for the implementation of any events organized by CAF within the territory and provide a strong supporting role in planning those events.

CAF is committed as well to train its Education Officers through the organization of seminars and workshops across Africa. By end 2009, more than 90% of CAF member associations adhered to this program.

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CAF organises capacity building seminar for Member Associations’ Media Officers

CAF organises capacity building ...

25 December 2016

Media Officers of the various CAF Member Associations gathered at the CAF Centre of Excellence in Mbankomo, 33-kilometres from the Cameroonian capital, Yaoundé, between 14 and 20 December 2016, for a capacity building seminar to enhance the ...

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