Glo-CAF Awards 2009: How the National Associations voted


Herewith the details of the votes by the National Associations affiliated to CAF for the Glo-CAF Player of the Year 2009.

Didier Drogba
emerged top in the vote cast with 92 points, followed by Samuel Eto’o Fils, who garnered 69 points with Michael Essien in third position with 43 points.

The whole process began with the CAF Media and Technical Committees short-listing five players, namely Didier Drogba, Michael Essien, Samuel Et’o Fils, Yaya Toure and Seydou Keita based on the following agreed and established criteria for the year 2009:
- The performance of the player at national and international levels
- The consistency of his performance
- His sports achievements
- His charisma and influence
- His popularity

The short-list of the five players was then sent to the National Association affiliated to CAF to allow their technical experts or coaches to vote for their preferred choice in the order from 1 to 3.
Three points were awarded for first choice, two points for second choice and one point for third choice.

Forty four (44) National Associations took part in the voting process. Nine (9) National Associations did not respond.  

National Associations              Drogba                    Eto'o              Keita              Toure           Essien
Morocco23  1
Gambia3 2 1
Sao Tome and Principe123  
Malawi 31  2
Chad12 3 
Libya1 23 
Uganda32  1
Sudan  123
Kenya 31 2
Comoros21  3
Mauritania  3  
Seychelles12 3 
Niger13  2
Algeria31  2
Guinea 132 
Angola13  2
Egypt3 21 
Ethiopia3 1 2
Eritrea3  12
Zimbabwe3 1 2
Zambia31 2 
Senegal31  2
Rwanda23 1 
Madagascar32  1
Nigeria32  1
Namibia 132 
Equatorial Guinea3  12
Cape Verde13 2 
Congo DR32  1
Benin32  1
South Africa3  12
Ghana21  3
Cameroon23  1
Congo 23  1
Cote d'Ivoire32  1
Liberia3 1 2
Sierra Leone 23 1 

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