“Amis du Monde” Champions League dream

Amis du Monde FC - Women's football

Representing Togo at the WAFU B zonal competition which takes place from July 24 to August 5, Amis du Monde club hopes to reach the final phase of the 1st TotalEnergies CAF Women's Champions League.

The oldest women's club in Togo (it was created in 1990), Amis du Monde hopes to take a step forward with participation in the maiden edition of TotalEnergies CAF Women's Champions League.

Amis du Monde (which means Friends of the World) are also the biggest winners in Togo women's football. But in recent years, competition has been fierce with teams like Athleta FC, Bella FC or Tempête du Nord in the country. However, the Lomé club is resisting.

The Covid-19 pandemic has not helped the situation of women's football on the continent between the cancellation of the 2020 Africa Cup of Nations and the non-resumption of local competitions. And Amis du Monde received a heavy blow with the death of its promoter and president Théodore Djobokou Gblokpor a few weeks ago.

To reach the final phase of the TotalEnergies CAF Women's Champions League, Amis du monde will have to face a fierce competition against five other sides from WAFU B countries, including Onze Sœurs (Côte d'Ivoire), USFA (Burkina Faso), Rivers Angels FC (Nigeria), Hasaacas Ladies FC (Ghana) and AS Police de Niamey (Niger). The zonal tournament takes place in Abidjan with two teams qualifying to represent the zone in the finals.

In Abidjan, Amis du Monde has only one desire; to honor Togo and to pay a deserved tribute to its president Théodore Djobokou Gblokpor. They start their campaign on Tuesday against Onze Sœurs de Gagnoa from Côte d'Ivoire.