Belmadi: We are 100% ready for the final


Hours before the 2019 Total Africa Cup of Nations final between Senegal and Aleria, both sides’ managers spoke to press.

Here's what Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi and midfielder Adlene Guediora said.

Djamel Belmadi (Coach, Algeria)

We are aware of the circumstances in our country. Our people showed great stuff lately, but our focus is on the final and we want to win the tournament for our people. We want to make them happy.

We will prepare for that match as we did for the previous ones. We are focused and I rely on my players’ motivation and enthusiasm. 

We are preparing in the best conditions and we are playing this match just to win. The group stage game is totally different, this is a decisive match. Both teams are on another psychological level. 

We are playing against the best African ranked team, and they played in the previous World Cup, so we can lose, they are the favorites. 

I haven't spoken to Aliou Cisse but we will talk after the game. It's ironic that the two kids who grew up together are now facing in the final. We used to play together as young boys in Paris. Now we are coaches for our national teams. Fate brought us to this final. 

Being passionate doesn't deny you from thinking well. Matches like that need both. 

Many changes happened between 2014 and 2019. Yes some players were in the World Cup then but I think it's much different. We have the best attack, second best defense and win convincingly. It's not me to say if we deserve the title or not, the results say. 

We are not tired, but 100% ready. 

I ask our supporters to celebrate in a responsible way. We are sad for the news of those who passed away while celebrating. We are trying to represent our country in a responsible way and we have to respect the country we are in.

Adlene Guediora (Midfielder, Algeria)

The coach knows well what he wants and what he needs from the players. The credit is to him. If you don’t have a great cook, you won’t have great food.

We are a united team and that's very important for Algeria. We used to have Good individuals but now we are also good as a team.

I have no memories about the 1990 title, I was very young. But now I have the chance to write history myself.

We did great in 2014 World Cup and then there were some hard times. But we worked hard to get back here.