Bafoussam: Culture at the height of holiness

Between tradition and modernity, the regional capital of the West represents the highlands area among TotalEnergies AFCON, Cameroon 2021 host cities.

A succession of traditional buildings with bamboo walls and clods of earth; a picturesque architectural picture that can be interrupted almost every kilometer by a modern castle surrounded by a high wall of concrete or iron. It is the contrasting landscape that Bafoussam visitors discover from Yaoundé (nearly 300 km away) or from Douala (268 km away). Entering this very commercial city-crossroads of the "Grass fields" area, you can admire the plains and valleys of red earth, bordered by family plantations on both sides of beautiful asphalt roads. The fruit of this labor, in terms of fresh food, is sold all along the main road and in the many always busy markets in the region.

The chiefdoms and traditional monuments are legion in Bafoussam and its surroundings, in a region of West Cameroon where the ancestral culture based on the sacred is almost a religion. In the heart of downtown Bafoussam itself, the chiefdom of the Fussap (people who gave its name to the city) with its entrance wall topped with conical roofs is already worth a detour. Not far away is the great Bandjoun chiefdom and its royal museum, showing more than 600 precious objects of local art. At the Bangou chiefdom, it exhibits the remains of the first car bought by a Bamileke leader long before Cameroon’s independence.

Alongside its working populations attached to their heritage enhancement, the Bafoussam area is also a gift of nature, as evidenced by the panoramic view of mountain ranges and rivers, many of which have waterfalls. Lake Baleng which is impressively calm and inhabited by a colony of ducks is a definite place to visit.

Agglomeration of more than one million inhabitants, Bafoussam has literally boosted its urban architecture and accommodation capacity with the upcoming TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations. Zingana hotel, which will be CAF Headquarters in the outlying villages, and for the qualified teams’ accommodation, the slightly older Vallée de Bana hotel, and Tagidor Garden, the new attraction built in Bangou, have been added. Visitors to Bafoussam will come by road or by plane, the state having restored the airport located in the village of Bamoungoum.

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