Bafoussam - Kouekong


Bafoussam stadium: Long time

The regional capital of the West must have been equipped with an omnisport stadium since the beginning of the 1980s. But while the shell was completed with a fence and concrete bleachers, the site was abandoned in the Tocket district. Tocket has been rehabilitated to host the Africa Cup of Nations, but only as a training ground.

The new Bafoussam stadium is located in Kouekong, 16 km from the city center on the road to Foumbot. This 20,000-seat venue, open since 2016, has since been the scene of international matches in various categories. The first official match it hosted was in April 2016 between Cameroon and Zambia in the framework of the U-17 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The Kouekong-Bafoussam stadium is a modern infrastructure meeting the requirements of international bodies. Natural grass, changing rooms, media spaces, hospitality area, electronic board, giant screens and lighting are up to standard and have been tested again to be validated before the TotalEnergies AFCON, Cameroon 2021 starts. For the city of Bafoussam, it was a competition of patience, but Bafoussam holds its international level stadium well.

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