Sudan and Guinea-Bissau draw in Garoua

Sudan - Guinea Bissau AFCON 2021 3

Sudan and Guinea-Bissau did not go beyond a goalless draw (0-0) in the second match of Group D. Djurtus can blame themselves after missing a penalty twelve minutes from time.

It was indeed a draw that tasted like victory for Sudan, who managed to avoid a defeat after seeing their goalkeeper (Ali Aboeshren) easily stop the shot from the spot by Judilson Gomes (Pelé) in the 81st minute. The rest was dramatic!

Sudan - Guinea Bissau AFCON 2021

Not being able to count on the most regular players like the experienced captain and goalkeeper Jonas Mendes on the substitutes' bench, after having recovered from the Covid-19, Bissau-Guineans had a difficult start.

For their appearance in the AFCON finals, Jurtus were hoping for a better scenario.

Playing in solidarity and with many cautions, debutants Sudan did not guard themselves only on the defensive side. Striker Mohamed Yousif (8') tried to surprise the opposite goalkeeper when he tried to introduce the ball into the net, but Maurice Gomis was ready to intervene.

Djurtus' reaction came when Joseph Mendes, isolated and unmarked in the box, deflected the ball from the corner to one of the goalposts at Ali Aboeshren's goalkeeper. A fear that forced increased attention from one of the teams representing Lusophony.

Sudan - Guinea Bissau AFCON 2021 2

After the break, the two teams tried to find the nets without success. And while everything indicated that Guinea-Bissau would have a happy ending, fate decided otherwise.

Steve Ambri was struck down in the box by goalkeeper Ali Aboeshren in the 81st minute. Pelé tries to convert the penalty but makes an offering to the Sudanese goalkeeper. After this miss, the Jediane Falcons have united the defense and condemned Guinea-Bissau to a goalless draw.

In the next matches on January 15, Sudan will face Egypt while Sudan play Nigeria.