Mali women's football season kicks off

mandé championne en titre

Mali’s Women Ligue 1 season 2020-21 kicked off on 10 April 2021.

According to Mali Football Federation (FEMAFOOT) Women's football ad hoc committee, the championship will be played in two groups of six teams each on home and away basis. Top two teams of each group will join the final round to determine the champions.

"We thank the FEMAFOOT president for adopting the two-groups system like the men's Ligue 1", Famakan Dembélé, president of Women’s football committee told “Players will be subject to the same health protocol issued by the National Center for Sports Medicine.

Coup d’envoi du premier championnat féminin au Mali

The league champion will represent Mali at the next CAF Women's Champions League scheduled for the end of the year. The teams that will finish last in the group will be relegated to Ligue 2.

Resumption of football comes after the measures taken by the authorities against COVID-19 pandemic spread in Mali, but which nevertheless only concerns extra-sporting activities.