Women’s football is growing faster than ever before. Women are taking on different roles and positions in football and CAF have created a women’s football development department to ensure that the development of women’s football on the continent will coincide with all football stakeholders. Our mission is to give each girl child and woman in Africa a chance to participate in football, learn to have a voice and change her life through football.


  • Grow participation
  • Improve the game: competition and professionalization
  • Promote and change perceptions

Grow Participation: Increasing the number of girls and women playing football by ensuring that football is available for girls. As well as strengthening the technical deliverance of trainings for girls by providing continuous technical training for coaches.

To improve the game: competition and professionalization: Raise the standard of the women’s game in the continent by organizing age based competitions that allow girls and women the opportunity to participate in organized football competitions. As well as building a better system that allows the gradual progression of women football in to professionalism and creating a player pathway.

Promote and change perceptions: Using different social Media platforms and digital platforms we aim to promote African women’s football to challenge stereotypes by growing the game.

Currently the department is working on the first ever CAF women’s football development strategy that will be introduced in 2020 to 2014.