CAF President Motsepe Press Conference in Quotes

CAF President Press Conference 16 July 2021...

CAF President Patrice Motsepe held a press conference at Mohamed VI Sports Complex in Sale, Morocco after the conclusion of CAF Executive Committee meeting that was held on Friday, 16 July 2021.

CAF President Press Conference 16 July 2021..

On financial and managerial aspects

“We have to take urgent steps to deal with the financial challenges we are facing. I am positive that our objective will be achieved.

“We received PWC final report, and there was an emphasis on the new CAF management adherence to the best practices in terms of financial, governance and managerial aspects.

“PWC report emphasizes our commitment that CAF is an organization which needs partnership with the private sector through the Member Associations and zones to make sure that our football administration is globally competitive.

“There is an ongoing process of employing new and efficient people to make CAF globally competitive.

“Regarding prize money for our competitions, we should increase that so as to make our competitions more competitive in the future.

“I attended UEFA and CONCACAF congresses to identify some of the steps we should take to make sure African football is at its best.”

CAF President Press Conference 16 July 2021

On the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League Final

“We have a great game tomorrow. Kaizer Chiefs is a great team and I am happy they are in the final. We are also proud of Al Ahly and their management and coach. I wish both sides the best of luck.”

CAF President Press Conference 16 July 2021.

On football development

“CAF has an obligation to develop football all over the continent. Football is for everyone, but especially the poor, and this is a part of our primary obligations.

“My obligation as CAF President is to promote football in every African country. We will make sure that developing football is going well, and that every football fan in Africa can watch the games.

“We have challenges with teams travelling for the games. We want all clubs and national teams in Africa to know that we are aware of all these challenges.

“We want to bring all people together in the continent for the future of African football, as well as social and economic development in the continent.

CAF President Press Conference 16 July 2021....

On African Super League

“We discussed the African Super League, and many broadcasting companies expressed that they want to be a part of it. The Interclub committee is assessing the situation and will advise on an inclusive way so as every country in Africa benefits from this project. The benefits of the African Super League will be shared all over the continent’s 54 countries.

“We cannot do anything that excludes our people. Football is for everyone and we have an obligation to keep it available for the poor. This new CAF Super League is inclusive. The Interclub committee will formulate the criteria and rules’ details to make it successful. What I can confirm is that every country will be included. It is a grassroot driven and every country will be a part of it.”