Ferroviário de Maputo put down Costa do Sol in the long-awaited derby


Elite division is red hot. In the long-awaited game by Mozambican football fans, Ferroviário de Maputo received and won (2-0), Saturday, at Machava Stadium, its eternal rival Costa do Sol.

Due to the long rivalry between the two teams, the game caught the attention of the 19th round of the Elite Division, Moçambola, and only sinned by the absence of spectators due to the impediment of Covid-19.


International defender João Messica (19') opened the scoring in an insistent move, but until the end of the first half, Costa do Sol, national champion, managed to balance without scoring.

In the second, Ferroviário closed all the lines to maintain the advantage, while Costa do Sol boosted the attack behind the draw. Midfielder Raul Tomaz (81') in counterattack ended the hopes of Costa do Sol, setting the final result at 2-0 for Ferroviário.


Meanwhile, Black Bulls, a team debuting in the competition, beat Desportivo de Maputo (2-1) and continues to lead the 44-point competition, followed by Ferroviário da Beira (39).

Ferroviário de Nampula received and won the Incomáti Club (2-0) and took an important step to ensure maintenance, the main objective of the club.

Nampulenses now occupy the 10th place, with 21 points, while Incomáti, a direct competitor in the fight for maintenance, is in 11th, with 17.

In the next round, the highlight goes to the clash between the first and second classified, the Black Bulls and Ferroviário da Beira, respectively.

Current standings: Black Bulls, 44 points; Ferroviário da Beira (39), Ferroviário de Maputo (34), Ferroviário de Lichinga (34), UD Songo (31), AD Vilankulo (27), Costa do Sol (26), Ferroviário de Nacala (25), Liga (25) ), Ferroviário de Nampula (21), Incomáti (17), Desportivo (15), Matchedje de Mocuba (13) and Textáfrica de Chimoio (8).