Info Note N ° 2: Election process for CAF Presidency, CAF Executive Committee and FIFA Council.

At the request of the Interim President of CAF, Mr Constant Omari, a meeting of the CAF Emergency Committee was held by videoconference this Saturday, January 09, 2021, following the publication of the report of the CAF Governance Committee. 

Mr. Michel Brizoua-bi, Chairman of the CAF Governance Committee attended the meeting as a guest.

The Emergency Committee decided as follows:

  • The Governance Committee of CAF shall submit, to the FIFA Review Committee, the candidatures received for the position of CAF President, with the understanding that the President of CAF will become the Vice-President of FIFA.
  • The Governance Committee of CAF together with the FIFA Review Committee must determine as soon as possible a date for formalizing the final list of all the candidates for all the elections, namely: members of the CAF Executive Committee, FIFA Council members and CAF President.

Done in Cairo, Jan 9th 2021

For further information:

Alexandre Siewe

CAF | Communications Director