Togo ready to set a professional football league 

Togo Fans

Football in Togo enters a new era with the process of setting up the Professional Football League (LFPT). During the Ordinary General Assembly held on Friday, May 6, the members of FTF (Togolese Football Federation) approved the implementation of the league.

"The majority of members and actors present at this congress (47/51 votes) approved the adoption and validation of the texts on the professionalisation of football", said an official FTF communication. At the end of this meeting, three (3) texts were adopted: the draft statutes of the Professional Football League; the draft agreement between FTF and LFPT and the criteria for participation in the professional football league.

The statutes of the professional football league of Togo (LFPT) generally describe the moral personality of the league, its mode of operation, its organs, its members and their rights and duties as well as its sources of financing. The framework agreement between FTF and LFPT specifies the conditions under which the two structures will collaborate, the limits of the delegation of power and the procedures for settling any conflicts. The last text adopted sets the conditions to be met by any club aspiring to be a member of the future LFPT.

The professional championships should start from the 2023-2024 season. They will feature the first and second divisions and the league will organise them, while the federation will organise the third division, the regional and women’s leagues without forgetting women's football and that of young people.

Moreover, the admission of the Sports Association of Former Footballers of Togo (ASSAFT) as an active member of the Togolese Football Federation in accordance with Article 13 of the Statutes is effective. "ASSAFT's FTF membership was done by vote: 42 of the 50 delegates present at the time of the vote gave their approval", noted the FTF.