CAF reveals list of TotalEnergies Champions League, Confederation Cup licensed teams for 2022/23


With the 2022/2023 edition of the TotalEnergies Champions League and TotalEnergies Confederation Cup now in motion, CAF has released the list of clubs that have been granted a licence for the season.

This follows a successful Club Licensing Seminar hosted by CAF in Egypt, Cairo a fortnight ago that saw Member Associations, Leagues, FIFA and sister Confederations meet to discuss the roadmap for the licensing system in Africa.

For the last few years, Club Licensing in Africa has achieved impressive milestones that have resulted in the improvement of club football in the continent.

Each year, CAF, working with Member Associations and the Leagues, embarks on a licensing process that focuses on enhancing the club football product.

The club licensing process for CAF club competitions is regulated through the different CAF codes and competition regulations, which state that all clubs (Licence Applicants) intending to participate in the CAF Interclubs competitions, must undergo the club licensing process with their respective Member Association (Licensor) and be granted a license by the competent decision-making bodies.

The granting of a licence to the clubs endorses that each club has met the requirements set in the CAF Club Licensing regulations.

The CAF Member Association is the Licensor and assesses each club according to five criteria: Sporting, Infrastructure, Personnel and Administrative, Legal, and Financial. For the current cycle, the deadline date for submission of all the licensing decisions and documents was 30 June 2022.

A total of 58 clubs from 46 CAF member associations were licensed for the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League 2022-23 edition.

Muhammad Sidat, CAF Head of Professional Football said: “In this cycle, the member associations have again complied with the deadlines and submission of all the necessary documentation and evidence related to the club licensing process for the CAF Interclubs 2022-23. The "no overdue payables criteria" was the one that clubs had some challenges to meet, but at the end, all disputes within the monitoring period with final and binding decisions were settled. We are now looking forward for the next season where the licensing process will be done electronically through the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP)."

For the TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup 2022-23 edition a total of 50 clubs were granted a license at the level of their respective Member Association and will take part in the competition.

Security Systems from Botswana decided to withdraw from the competition.

The first-leg of the matches of the 1st preliminary round will be played from September 9 to 11 with the return matches scheduled to be played a week later. The aggregate winners will progress to the second round. The matches of the second round of the qualifiers will take place at the start of October.

Club Licensing - CL Licensed Clubs 2022-2023

Club Licensing - CC Licensed Clubs 2022-2023

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