VISA Player Escort Program

Visa program

Visa has kicked-off the Player Escort Program for the Total Africa Cup of Nations, EGYPT 2019.

It’s an exciting opportunity for 16 kids and two coaches to get the experience of a lifetime and walk onto the field next to their favourite player at the tournament. Inspiring and “unstoppable” children are part of the Player Escort Program, boys and girls aged between 6 and 10. The Visa Egypt program is being run in cooperation with Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, and international aid agency, UNICEF.

Further more, there are packages selected children from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt - who will take part in Visa’s inspirational “Unstoppable Stories” social media activation campaign.

Using the hashtag #VisaUnstoppableStories, follow them for a Quarter Final match. A live coverage of their experience to show the world how exciting it is to be a VISA Player Escort.