FIFA Women's World Cup 2023: 19 African referees pre-selected

Referees course 11

The candidates will join the “Road to AUS / NZL” project, a program which will determine the best to operate during the upcoming competition. They come from fifteen (15) CAF Member Associations and their names are known:

Referees (8)

Salima Mukansanga (Rwanda), Lidya Tafesse Abebe (Ethiopia), Maria Rivet (Mauritius), Bouchra Karboubi (Morocco), Ndidi Patience Madu (Nigeria), Vincentia Amedome (Togo), Fatou Thioune (Senegal), Dorsaf Ganouati (Tunisia)

Assistant referees (11)

Mary Njoroge (Kenya), Lidwine Rakotozafinoro (Madagascar), Bernadettar Kwimbira (Malawi), Queency Victoire (Mauritius), Diana Chikotesha (Zambia), Mimisen Iyorhe (Nigeria), Fatiha Jermoumi (Morocco), Fanta Kone (Mali), Carine Atezambong Fomo (Cameroon), Yara Atef Said Abdelfattah (Egypt)

Of the 156 referees and assistant referees from all over the world who are candidates to officiate at FIFA Women's World Cup Australia / New Zealand 2023 ™, eight (8) referees and eleven (11) assistant referees are thus from Confédération Africaine de Football.