Press release_CAF

CAF welcomes the decision of the International Chamber of Commerce to reject an application for emergency measures lodged by Lagardère Sports in connection with the termination of its contract for the commercial exploitation of CAF competitions.

Lagardère Sports alleged that CAF had unlawfully terminated this contract and asked, among other things, that CAF be required to immediately reinstate the contract.

In the decision, notified on 13th December 2019, the Emergency Arbitrator considered the reasons why CAF terminated the agreement, and rejected all the requests of Lagardere Sports.

Furthermore, Lagardere Sports is ordered to pay the administrative costs of the arbitration proceedings and also to contribute over EUR 60,000 towards CAF legal costs.

With the support of FIFA, CAF will continue to stand up for the rights of football fans who want to be able to watch African football in their respective countries, and CAF will also safeguard the rights of genuine commercial partners who want to see a healthy, competitive and transparent football business environment in Africa.