Medical Committee: Role, function and mission

The CAF Medical Committee is made up of a panel of health professionals from the continent’s different. Composed of a President, a Vice-President and ten members, the Medical Committee is one of the Confederation of African Football standing committees.


• What is the role of the Medical Committee?

The Medical Committee acts according to CAF Statutes and regulations. It is the administration responsible for the application and organization of the adopted proposals. The resolution of any medical problem and the treatment of all football related matters are not the responsibility of any other department.

CAF Statutes

Article 39

"The Medical Committee deals with all medical issues related to football, including the implementation of anti-doping controls and compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code issued by WADA."

Application Regulations for the Statutes of the Confederation of African Football

Text of Law / updated 4 December 2018

Standing Committees: Article 11 - The Medical Committee

Its missions are:

a) To resolve, as an advisory body of the CAF Executive Committee, any problem related to medicine, physiology, hygiene and doping

e) To prepare a “Medical Guide” for international matches and tournaments;

f) To form a group of specialists who may be invited to participate in courses and / or meetings organized by the Medical Committee;

g) To study the medical environmental conditions in different parts of Africa;

h) To introduce the necessary measures for anti-doping control during and outside the competitions organized by CAF, and to comply with the provisions of the Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency as well as with anti-doping instructions of FIFA. "


• How do its members work?

The members work at the level of the Committee but also within specialized panels in the various fields of Football Medicine (Traumatology, Cardiology, Emergency, Imaging, Doping)

They implement the various training programs, in collaboration with the Development Department, and supervise the competitions progress from a medical point of view.

We have a panel of instructors from various specialties, which we enrich over the meetings during the competitions.

The goal is to build a network of African specialists who are interested in football medicine and who are willing to join us. We are really interested in closer relations with African universities and learned societies.


• What projects have been successfully developed so far?

- Prevention of the risk of sudden cardiac arrest: African ethnic populations are at increased risk. PCMA, PCMA + (COVID) and PCCA (U17) medical records

- MRI Program: Eligibility for U17 competitions

- Fight against doping: awareness program, continuous training and control during the various competitions

- COVID-19 program: Implementation of the international protocol

- Organization of emergency care at the stadium: CAF standards according to capacities, training of first aiders

  • - Medical files of CAF referees

• What are the projects in progress or to come?

- CAF Medical Centers

- African Footballers insurance

- The FIFA / CAF Diploma

  • - Medical Communication