CAF Governance Committee holds inaugural meeting 

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Unveiled at the 41st CAF Ordinary General Assembly in Cairo, the newly formed Governance Committee met for the first time on 19 July 2019. Chairman of the committee, Michel Brizoua-Bi, explains the objectives of the meeting and their scope of work. Below are excerpts; What are your impressions after being appointed chairman of the CAF Governance Committee?

Michel Brizoua-Bi: This is the first time such a committee has been set up at CAF. The purpose of the committee is to intervene when there are doubts or unmet expectations with respect to governance at CAF. The challenge for us is to show that, in the same way that African football has gained global respect, CAF must have tools and good governance that inspires confidence, so that African football and the result will rhyme with good governance.

What are the exact areas of governance that this committee will look at?

When you perform duties, you do it on the basis of a warrant. The terms of this mandate have important obligations that are based on the principles of transparency and accountability. Mechanisms that instill confidence in decision-making and organization must be implemented. Everything that is executed and realized must be understood by those who have mandated you. We must also take into account the social responsibility of CAF which is to make football an instrument of integration, development of youth and peace.

Who are the members of this committee?

We are honoured with fantastic jurists from Africa being part of this committee. We have Monica Musonda (Zambia), Happi Dieudonné (Cameroon), Maya Boureghda (Tunisia) and Tumi Dlamini (South Africa).

What does the future hold for the committee now that the job has started?

The core purpose of the mission is important. We must start from laying a firm foundation to build a respectable and sustainable system of governance. It is a long-term project and we want to be judged in time and on concrete actions. We are preparing a governance conference later in the year in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire to further build on from what we have started at this inaugural meeting.